Responses to September 11th

Started October 11th, 2001

The return of the son of the return of the crisis: a revaluation of the response to September 11th, May 2006
Osamagate: the responsibility of the US government for September 11th.
What Part of Failure Don't They Understand?: leaflet for the Oct. 20 2001 anti-war demonstration in San Francisco
A letter responding to the above leaflet
A leaflet handed out in London by Jews Against Zionism, May 2002

Why are they going to invade Iraq?

A Note Of Anger, October 2001: how the CIA sponsored the terrorists who destroyed the World Trade Center
'Another War is Possible': the anti-war movement in 2003
Wagging the dog: It defies reason to believe that the tiny country of Israel runs US foreign policy.... doesn't it?
Ewa Jasiewicz on Iraq

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