Justin Raimondo, 9/11/01, 'The Price of Hegemony'
An analysis of why bin Laden is an example of a "blowback"
Free Republic News Forum on the crisis
Scott McConnell at on the Zionist Lobby theory - how the pro-Israel faction pressure Bush Sr. by threatening to call him 'anti-Semitic' if he showed any sympathy for the Palestinian position
The Department for Jewish Zionist Education in Israel
The Israeli press reports Israeli atrocities, which are usually censored from the US media.
A pacifist viewpoint
Camp David Accords September 17, 1978
The Anti-Defamation League - opposes anti-Semitism
How the Anti-Defamation League accumulated police files on innocent Arab-Americans
The Anti Defamation League: Censoring the Internet on Behalf of Israel
The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committe - contains refutations of Zionist attacks on Edward Said
Article by Robert Fisk about how Zionist organizations such as the Simon Wiesenthal Centre slander critics of Israel as 'anti-Semitic'
A response to Fisk's arguments
Article on how the Feds think terrorists use freeware cryptography,6903,573689,00.html
Gregory Rodriguez died in the trade center attack, and his parents are campaigning against the bombing of Afghanistan. He was an 'instinctive internationalist' who said 'nationalism stinks'. Various other bereaved families are also taking a stand, on the grounds that the bombing will just create more widows and orphans.
Violations of civil rights of those arrested.
Article arguing that the government hasn't taken ENOUGH advantage of the crisis to attack the working class
Has the U.S. walked into a trap in Afghanistan?,1361,576598,00.html
' is disingenuous of Clare Short, the secretary for international development, to say the bombing is not stopping aid getting into the country. The point is that the aid is piling up in warehouses but not reaching the hungry stomachs that need it, a problem exacerbated by the fact that thousands have fled the cities for the countryside for fear of the bombs' - how Blair and Bush have condemned 100,000 children to death.
How the media reports Israel. The elimination of 75-year-old right-wing minister Rechavam Zeevi (more right-wing than Sharon? What is he, a child molester?) by a Palestinian armed group is given far more space than Israel's response, a tank assault on a school which killed a 10-year-old girl. It doesn't even mention her name. CNN also fails to mention that the assassination was in revenge for Israel's killing of the leader of the hardline Palestinian nationalist faction, the PFLP, Abu Ali Mustafa Zibri, on 27 August.,2763,576449,00.html
The Guardian
The Telegraph, which has been criticized for censoring anti-Israel news, gives prominent coverage to the Israeli Army's murder of a schoolgirl - Riham Ward, aged 12 - or is it Reham Ward, aged 10? The newspapers can't seem to agree.
The Independent, a liberal paper, calls the murder of schoolchildren a 'revenge attack' - presumably for the war crimes these kids have committed
The Jerusalem Post doesn't even mention the schoolkids
A rather even-handed account of the funerals of Rechavam Zeevi and Reham Ward,1361,576914,00.html
Taliban kickin' ass
Middle East Research and Information Project
Refugee crisis deepens
The US-led coalition now fighting the Taleban and Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan is reluctant to pledge full support for the main Afghan opposition, in part because of its record on human rights. (What, it's too liberal?).,,2001350021-2001364909,00.html
FBI considers use of torture
Since Wednesday, Israeli troops have killed at least 24 people
Recession deepens
War Not Going Quite As Planned - Black World - the first critical article about the war in Afghanistan - Northern Alliance unreliable and hostile to Pushtuns - crises breaking out all over - Inda, Israel - State Dept. worried
Oct 20 2001 - Washington Post - another critical article detailing some of the worst nightmares of the Pentagon about regional instability - what's going on - is the government preparing us for failure?
Jack Straw's grand imperial plan for Afghanistan
Caustic comment on plans for Afghanistan
Northern Alliance compassion for humanity: "If the Americans just bomb the cities, they will kill civilians," said General Baba Jan, an opposition commander in the Bagram area, north of Kabul. "They should bomb the frontline. This is just too little."
James Goodwin, chairman of United Airlines, accused of exaggerating the crisis to get contracted employees to agree to lower wages,2763,580426,00.html
Israel continues to massacre Palestinians in 'revenge' for the PFLP executing a Cabinet minister, and refuses to allow ambulances in to the villages
Suspect for Sept. 11 massacre dies in police custody
Russia's interests and an Oil Pipeline
More about oil,1361,580627,00.html
US defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, admits they may not catch bin Laden, which they'd claimed was the main aim of the war. The strategists of the Pentagon also admit than the Pathan are more tenacious than they'd calculated. "I am a bit surprised at how doggedly they are hanging on to power.",1361,581230,00.html
More about how the war isn't going as well as expected
More about how the USA is failing and how many civilians have been killed in numerous 'mistakes'
Taliban beats US Rangers - the Telegraph claims they'll have to call in the SAS!
Britain commits 4,000 troops and a submarine (!) to Afghanistan
USA blames Pakistani intelligence for failure to weaken Taliban
War could take four years, says Britain's chief of defence staff
"My own feeling is that the Americans are being very stupid. Watch and you will see." - An Afghani doctor
A comparison between 9/11 and Hiroshima
The second mistaken strike on the Red Cross, the setback near Mazar-i-Sharif and the execution of Abdul Haq and five other opposition leaders all pointed to difficulties in the American campaign in Afghanistan and the resilience of the Taliban resistance.
Pakistan has second thoughts - no moderate Talibanis have materialized - even anti-Taliban tribal leaders are not taking the Western bait, and one Pakistani intelligence official described US hopes to that effect as "hopelessly naive".
US strategy not working - officials contradicting themselves - public disillusionment mooted
Over 5,000 Pakistanis volunteer for Taliban
Tony Blair moved last night to head off growing unease about the direction of the war in Afghanistan
'clear evidence of alarm in Downing Street',6903,581922,00.html
US unemployment rate jumps,1361,582386,00.html
British foreign secretary says war may last indefinitely
Israeli violence continues
This war is a fraud - John Pilger's front page article in the Mirror denouncing the war in Afghanistan and the hidden agenda of US imperialism - how only innocent people are being killed and no terrorists are being caught - how the USA backed the Taliban - how the USA is the biggest terrorist on earth.
Taliban turns down offers of help from Pakistani 'tribesmen' - doesn't need them at this stage,1361,583255,00.html
Blair tries to rally the public behind the massacre of Afghan civilians,1361,583301,00.html
Majority in Britain want bombing 'pause'. Blair's appeal to 'never forget how we felt as we watched planes fly into the trade towers, never forget those answer phone messages, never forget how we imagined how mothers told their children they were going to die...' was an insult to the public's intelligence
Why killing bin Laden will not stop terrorism - he's ordered his cells to strike without phoning him up first to give them the nod. Then again, the information is from 'intelligence agents' who have listened to 'forceful language' in certain 'conversations'.,1361,583876,00.html
Yanks 'desperate' to know what to do next
Limey academic tears into the Bush administration's strategy with contempt
Plan du jour - full-scale invasion in the spring
Nearly 1,000 people have been detained since the attacks on the United States, and rights groups say they have had trouble getting information on those held
Conservative writer puts case for US withdrawal from the middle east
Murdoch apologises to CNN war slut Christiane Amanpour for calling her a war slut,1320,584651,00.html
Syria's Bashar al-Assad bashes Blair with attack on west and Israel
US economy shrinks, heavy job losses
Breakthrough for Northern Alliance in next few days predicted if B52 carpetbombing of Taliban lines continues,1361,586717,00.html
A glossary of idiotic quotes from our leaders
US is failing - but the Sydney Morning Herald counts economic crisis as failure rather than attack on working class,,2001380014-2001382187,00.html
FBI failure to bring any charges despite vicious repression
700,000 jobs lost in USA in one month
Pakistani workers lose jobs as American textile companies pull out,1361,587531,00.html
Northern Alliance is to establish a 'humanitarian bridgehead' despite the "mass rapes, looting, rocket attacks and other atrocities by the Alliance against civilians and the Taliban that date back to the mid-1990's"
The top five lies about this war - University of Pittsburgh students
US Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfield says the Taliban are not really in control - but then he says they're lying about civilian casualties, and of course placing their artillery near schools
Taliban kickin' ass
How the US and Britain created Iraq's anthrax labs
Justin Raimondo claims the government is losing both the war in Afghanistan and the war on the home front
A detailed analysis of the more than 1,100 people held in preventitive detention following September 11,1361,587911,00.html
American gunship helicopters attack civilian, sorry, military targets near Kabul
Capturing or killing Osama bin Laden will not prevent his al Qaida network launching fresh terrorist outrages, says Jack Straw, Tony's Foreign Secretary, adding some psychoanalysis, describing him as "paranoid" and "psychotic", and of course, like Hitler
How the press is being denied information by the Pentagon - like they'd report the war honestly if they could
Media discuss the use of torture
Al-Qaida and the USA are about equally matched
How many kids will Bush kill this winter?,,2001380017-2001385141,00.html
USA frantically tries to get Northern Alliance into Mazar-i Sharif
Bush rallies civilized nations, claiming Islamic terrorists are as much of a threat as Nazis and communists
The Alliance force nine miles from Mazar has not budged an inch in two weeks
Despite massive US bombardment, the Taliban kickin' ass
It was also revealed yesterday that a postal worker who later died of anthrax had phoned the emergency services just hours earlier to reveal his fears of a possible infection. He criticised the authorities for failing to keep him and other workers at the Brentwood facility in Washington informed of developments.
A Mexican popular song goes "They are looking for you, bin Laden, the terrorist that the CIA trained, that was the biggest mistake of the American government."
In respnse to September 11th, the CIA's power is being increased. They really don't understand the word 'failure'.
Sensible article by a US isolationist about Iraq, Israel and stuff
15-year-old schoolgirl suspended for wearing t-shirt saying "When I saw the dead and dying Afghani children on TV, I felt a newly recovered sense of national security. God Bless America."
A parody of people reading everything about Afghanistan,1361,590594,00.html
US-backed rapists and murderers claim to have taken Mazr-i-Sharif - 'conditions inside the city for the estimated 200,000 civilians are unclear'.
Mazar-i-Sharif falls to the Northerners. "...the fear is of a new massacre in revenge. Many doubt whether the American public could stomach that from their allies in the Northern Alliance. General Dostum's men, one of the three forces now said to be in the city, were notorious in Kabul for killing, rape and looting".
FBI harrassment of Arabs etc.
How our liberties are being abolished
Dry critique of peaceniks who support US intervention by an isolationist
Britain declares state of emergency
How the Northern Alliance have turned into nice liberals
'Special Forces' get eaten for breakfast by the Taliban, then whine about it to a journalist
Kabul falls to the Northern Alliance
None jailed in the USA appear to have any link to September 11th
Taliban keep Kandahar,1361,597023,00.html
Brits in the shit
Taliban unbowed
French atrocities in Algeria
Five Palestinian children killed by Israeli tank shell
Yahoo!'s daily list of layoffs

The first person arrested after September 11th is released on bail in London after the FBI fail to produce any, er, evidence

Up to 2,000 people in the United States have been detained without trial, or charge, or even legal rights

Blair adds his intellectual authority to Bush's 'axis of evil' hypothesis

Cheney's failed mission to get Arab leaders to support Iraq attack
Failure in Afghanistan
Journalist notices what this site said five months ago about Brzezinski's Afghan policy misfiring
More about those arrested since Sept. 11
USA pressurizes Israel to withdraw. The Pope abandons Catholicism, and Microsoft publishes its source code.,11319,666104,00.html
Iraq and the price of oil
Israeli mother blames the occupation for the death of her son, who was killed by a Hamas gunman

Army ridicule Blair's Iraq hysteria,1284,671162,00.html
Afghan war far from over

War on Terrorism not going well,3604,671336,00.html
Car bomb in Peru,2763,671602,00.html
Suicide bomber in Israel,,3-242445,00.html
Assasination in Italy

Court rules against indefinite internment without trial
America's failure in the Palestine conflict,11443,676089,00.html
European anti-war movement growing

Israel buries hundreds alive in Jenin
Thousands demonstrate in DC in support of Israel
Colin Powell's mission to the Middle East ends in failure
"The Israelis have reduced us to living worse than animals. They can expect us to behave like animals now".

US Middle East policy is leading to disaster

British Jews who oppose Israel's right to exist and compare Zionist settlers with Nazis.,6903,687959,00.html
The Israeli version: "The refugee camp at Jenin, they say, had become an 'armed camp', booby-trapped and organised for fighting", so the Geneva Convention does not apply. So what is Israel, if not an armed camp?,6903,688071,00.html
Bush regime fails to overthrow Venezualan government

Comparing Israel with French Algeria

U.S. military aid to Israel is likely to grow by $200 million a year beyond its current $2 billion.

Israel tries to spin Jenin massacre
Proof of Israeli war crimes at Jenin

Sharon's plan to expel all Palestinians - from a Zionist newspaper

America awakes. Well, it turned over in its sleep, anyway...

Rumsfield claims Iran, Iraq, Syria and North Korea are developing nuclear weapons and will give them to terrorist groups to attack the USA

Israel's plan to drive Palestinians out, having replaced them with cheap labour from Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa.

May 2002: The Shit Hits the Fan

How politicians stage attacks on their country to rally the public behind war
The administration struggles to keep the lid on Osamagate
Extract from The War on Freedom, a comprehensive survey of alleged US government involvement in September the 11th.

Indefinite detention in military custody begins
US War Crimes in Afghanistan
"Why have you killed and raped our women?" - protests against the new Afghan goverment,,3-325137,00.html
Why Bush's story about a radioactive bomb plot is not entirely credible

Saudi Arabia on brink of uprising?

UN concentration camps for Afghan refugees

UN covers up Israeli war crimes

Another article arguing that Israel's supporters are right-wing Christian loonies. Not liberal Democrats. Not at all.

FBI failed to heed warning of attacks

Israel's cluster bombs target civilians

Ashcroft abolishes constitution

Erosion of privacy since Sept. 11

How the Taliban warned America about the Sept. 11 plot

September 11th families for peace