'Another War Is Possible'

As we write, the armies of the USA and its accomplice are advancing on Baghdad, causing increasing civilian and military casualties. Instead of cheering crowds, the white supremacist invasion has met with resistance. The Iraqi population have failed to see the benevolent intentions of their invaders. This might have something to do with WAR CRIMES against Iraqi prisoners and co-operation with the Iraqi regime in its suppression of uprisings during the last Gulf War, the murder of hundreds of thousands of children via bombing and sanctions since, and the introduction of torture and disappearances into American policy at home and abroad. There has been at least one FRAGGING (a soldier attacking officers with a hand grenade) and REFUSAL to obey illegal orders.

Tens of thousands throughout the world have demonstrated in EFFECTIVE ways against the war (and tens of millions ineffectively). Against police brutality and torture, around the world, people have come out and attacked the economy, recruiting offices and US Embassies. Before the war even started, there was more protest against it than against the Vietnam war at its height. San Francisco was shut down. The most memorable slogan of the movement is perhaps this one from Athens: 'Another War Is Possible'.

The anti-corporate globalization movement had reached semi-insurrectional levels by July 2001 in Genoa. The September 11 attack on New York set it back - in part due to the way the reformist politicians who influence it gleefully seized on the death and destruction to claim that rioting against capitalism can be equated to the murder of civilians. The stupidity and brutality of the Bush regime and its quislings has reawakened and revitalized this movement. The call of the most radical protesters to get out on the streets before the beast destroys the planet sounds like the voice of reason.

The claim that the New World Order would last a while, published only eight years ago, appears to have been falsified. The United Nations, the European Union and NATO have been dealt serious blows by the Bush school of diplomacy. But the entities which really run the New World Order are more shadowy organizations with stronger ties to the US corporate class, such as The Tripartite Commission, the IMF and the World Trade Organization. The USA is their policeman, and it is trying to turn the world into a police state.

The New World Order article's announcement of the death of inter-imperialist conflict was premature. Russia, China, France and Germany appear to be lined up on one side, with the USA and Britain on the other. The former may not have what it takes militarily, but the US economy teeters on the brink of a great depression. Nevertheless, talk of the reemergence of imperialist blocs would also be premature.

A more detailed analysis of the current state of the world can be found in the new issue of 'Against Sleep and Nightmare'. In summary, this journal teaches the three C's: Class, Capital and Crisis.

In the last month, we have achieved more than we thought possible. The dark clouds of death glow red with the flames of our struggle. New generations are learning - the hard way, unfortunately - the lessons of history - the nature of our opponent and its weaknesses. Whatever the exact result of the war on Iraq, its legacy will be an unprecendented world mass movement against war, repression and poverty. We can only contribute to turning it into an uprising against the capitalist system.

March 25, 2003