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Letter to the 5th Estate about the International Tribunal

Milosevic ridicules NATO's puppet court

Nebojsa Malic at Antiwar.com - "Of course, the state itself is a criminal institution, using coercion to deprive its residents of their liberty, property and life (when it fights wars, as most states do). So essentially, every head of state is a criminal. From that standpoint, Slobodan Milosevic is clearly guilty of being head of state, and doing what any head of state would do in his place. And those persecuting him are no less guilty, of the same infractions and then some. Yet they claim absolute innocence and the right to judge others, as some sort of uber-government".

Rumors of Genocide Greatly Exaggerated

Response to National Lawyers Guild

The War Continues - June 15

Leaflet for June 5 demonstration in Washington DC

Reply to letter from London

Letter from London

Bad Reasons to Oppose the War

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It's Official - Journalists Are Legitimate Targets!

Criticisms of Pacifism

The Vietnam Analogy

Flyer for the April 17 demonstration

14 April page

Our initial response

An article about the war in Yugoslavia from 1996