From Green Anarchy, summer 2001:

On June 11, 2001 Jeff "Free" Luers was sentenced to nearly 23 years on 22 charges ranging from Arson One to Attempted Criminal Mischief stemming from two incidents last year in Eugene, Oregon. Free had admitted to criminal mischief regarding a truck fire at Romania Chevrolet last summer.

Free received a sentence harsher than that of many murderers and rapists. It is clear that the political nature of his act - attacking a car dealership to protest the exploitation and destruction of nature - was the reason. He is appealing.

Particularly important in a country where liberals can get away with dividing opposition by calling for solidarity only with non-violent prisoners, as happened after the protests in Seattle, is the following, from Green Anarchy:

Do not participate in the State's campaign to marginalize and incapacitate those who take radical action in defense of the Earth. Failure to support our political prisoners is tantamount to sanctioning repression by the State.

To find out more write to
The Free and Critter Legal Defense Committee at
POB 454 Willamette, Suite 205, Eugene, OR 97401, USA.
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